It is important to us that from the very beginning, as part of the project team, we meet with all project participants at eye level in a creative dialogue to create optimal light-space experiences.

Lichtkompetenz GmbH embodies the idea of a seamless, almost invisible integration of lighting design into a sophisticated architectural to say "beyond the visible".

    Phase 1

    Concept Design

    The lighting concept is derived from the analysis of architecture to be seamlessly integrated as one.

    Phase 2

    Schematic Design

    Translating the design into formal drawings to bring scale, size, and dimension to the lighting concept.

    Phase 3

    Detail Design

    The refining of drawings through mock up, sampling and calculations to formalize the lighting typologies with plans, details and specifications.

    Phase 4


    Development between collaborators to create coherent drawings to be tendered out and used for construction.

    Phase 5

    Construction Supervision

    Assisting of project partners to optimize the realization of the lighting concept on site.

    Phase 6

    Completion and Documentation  

    Curating the lights to bring to life the lighting concept through layers by dimming and scene controlling.

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